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5 ways to avoid gaining weight this Diwali!!

Celebration mode is now on , and why not? After all its Diwali time.. B2Zone wishes you a very happy Diwali..

Since Diwali is the festival of sweets, its hard to keep yourself deprive of all such yummy food stuffs.. so, here we are up suggesting you some ways about how you can maintain yourself without avoiding much of the fun.

Drink Green Tea

Whatsoever you consume either sweets or heavy meal.. Have your green tes ready after every heavy meal.. Its best to have your green tea after 30-45 mins of your meal. It helps in proper absorption of your food.

Don’t Skip Your Regular Meal

If you skip your routine meal , just to have one more gulab jamun, then guys it’s a bad idea.

Don’t skip your routine meals.. Even have them at the same time they are supposed to be taken. It will result in less cravings , your stomach won’t starve and you will be less tempted towards sweets.

Consume Home Made Sweets

Always prefer home made sweets rather going for market ones. They are more healthy as compared to the market ones. And that too in a small portion. Enjoy but just don’t forget your limit.

Booze Wisely

Don’t just go with the flow ,,Hang on , choose your drinks.. Go for spritzers or wine above calorific cocktails or beers..and also observe your nutts, salads and crisps.

Don’t Skip Your Workout

Your workouts are important meetings you scheduled with yourself..don’t just eat and rest.. go for your gym sessions .. it just takes an hour. And if your gym is closed .. Go for a walk or jog.. workout at home at-least for 45 mins.

Party hard, have fun, and feast on sweets, but don’t forget to eat healthy.. ripped Muscles and a hot body is what B2Zone wishes for you this Diwali…
May you add more pounds to your bench press this Diwali….

Happy Diwali..

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