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Aamir’s Transformation for Dangal: What all you can learn from it and get yourself Motivated


Have you ever wondered how these actors put on or shed off weights for their roles in any particular movie? For instance, it was Bhumi Pednekar in ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha‘ who gained as much as weight for that role.. And had lost kgs after. And the current hot topic is Aamir Khan’s physique for ‘Dangal‘. Talks are, that the actor took steroids dabbed inside the body for achieving such an amazing physique.

Well yes, he did take steroids. Many actors, actresses take it too for any kind of transformations. But why we should loose our minds on this? Its their profession and it varies from movies to movies what their roles demand. As a perfectionist, Aamir must have wanted the perfect physique and that’s why he took steroids. There is a lot to learn from this. For a man aged 51, any kind of transformation isn’t easy. We, common people, think that he is a celebrity. He has facilities, money and what not to achieve what he did. But it’s not that. Anyone can gain that transformation if he wants to and if he is trained in a right way. Even if Aamir took steroids, is not the point, what’s important for many gym goers to learn from that is,


Once you decide to achieve something, it doesn’t matter at what point of time you want it! Before joining a gym, many of my clients ask me if gyming is my thing anymore or not? Well, it’s never late to make yourself fit.


Aamir have achieved that goal at the age of 51! many of my client are scared of achieving that kind of a body even at the age of 21 or so!    for anyone who thinks that the time has gone for you, stop and see what Aamir have done to prove you wrong! HIT (High Intensity Training) is something that will help you push your body limits and your personal trainer can guide you through that HIT.


Once you decide it in your mind, no one can stop you from getting it.. all myths can only be proven wrong if you decide to prove them wrong. For achieving any kind of body type, your will-power plays a major part.


Imagine how busy a personality like Aamir would be. at least more busy than many of us. but he didn’t go for excuses and instead put an extra effort. so,  why can’t we keep aside all the excuses and put our self completely in any kind of fitness that interests us.


Whenever in a lane to achieve something great, one should have patience. Just don’t leave hopes on anything and keep in working hard. Fitness is not a destination,  it’s a way of life. And it have to be achieved patiently.
Whether or not Aamir took steroids, is not the question here. The thing to learn is how a man of his age had the confidence of achieving that transformation. And all the above thoughts will help you in answering this question. Nothing in the world is impossible to achieve and so is with such physique. Proper training, diet and lots of enthusiasm can help you transform your body in every better way. So, gain all the positivity and start working on how to make your body more fit. I hope, after this, many of my clients will keep aside the age factor and will boost up their strengths a little more :)!

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