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Banana & Egg Together Is Dangerous!!! True or False? Rumours Are Death of a Young Man After Consuming Egg and Banana

Recently while scrolling through a Facebook page, I came across a video (ABP News) about consuming banana and egg in the stomach turns into a poison. This is completely a hoax.

Eating Banana with Eggs won’t take your life. This message is viral on WhatsApp and everywhere on social websites claiming someone died on eating banana after egg. Well, there has not been even such single case reported and on other hand there are hundreds of food recipes which are a combination of both like pancakes, muffins, banana smoothies etc …

You can find anything stupid at times on the internet and the internet will always answer your questions which you also don’t know its correct or not.

Both these foods are an essential diet of every human being. Banana which is rich in Potassium and egg which is rich in protein, how can these both healthy foods are toxic? The entire thing is nothing more than a rumour.

One thing you can keep in mind is that when you are eating that make sure that you examine both foods carefully for signs of decomposition, disease or discoloration. Make sure they are not rotten. If they smell or taste bad, then dump them in the dustbin, don’t eat them. Not only this combination is healthy but it’s also quick to eat. You should always be aware of the pros and cons of excessive eating of anything.. Anything which is healthy shouldn’t be eaten in excessive amount.

(This article does not provide any medical or legal advice. This site is for information purposes only.  Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition.)

156 thoughts on “Banana & Egg Together Is Dangerous!!! True or False? Rumours Are Death of a Young Man After Consuming Egg and Banana

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