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How to Prepare Yourself for Marathon?


“First marathon in Bhilwara”

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to run the most exciting run first time ever in Bhilwara.

That feeling of being part of something different, stronger,  brave and adventurous The Marathon!  can give YOU additional energy, makes a better version of you. I hope you can apply this feeling of excitement to your marathon preparation and celebrate each kilometer.

Each run for the cause is Making the breathtaking and sometimes overwhelming decision to run those 5kms can not only be quite uplifting but it can give you the much-needed energy to start your training. I wish so much that this guideline will help you & your Run will be successful, fulfilling and most of all joyful for you.

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time preparing for a Long Run or one of many. A good overall approach to your physical and mental training is very important. it can help you be at your best on marathon day.

You might have just started to outline a new schedule for training, with a few tune-up races and all the elements necessary for your upcoming marathon. No matter what race you are focusing on, it will be helpful to embrace, that while there are basic rules for training, it is essential and beneficial to experience joy while running, and celebrate one workout after another. Each run will bring you closer to your goal, and you will experience the satisfaction of knowing you are making progress and that, in itself, can give you new energy.

1. Know your body


Listen to your body always. If you don’t feel well, be cautious. If you feel any kind of pain or injury might be developing, it is better to take off to recovery for 2-3 days and get early help from your doctor or a specialist. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced runner or fresher; if you need to run, but have become injured, it can be physically and emotionally hard to deal with. Unfortunately, getting injured also very common. So please take care of your body.

As I said this is the first Run in Bhilwara so THIS IS REALLY VERY IMPORTANT. Winter season is already started, If you feel cold after your workout or run (being in your wet running clothes can cause this), take a short, warm bath or a steam bath. At least change your wet clothes. Stay warm after your workouts to avoid weakening your immune system, and maybe getting a cold.



Because you are preparing for a Marathon, it doesn’t meaning that you have to run like a hamster everyday. Professionals don’t seem to hurt their running while they train for an occasional Run.

All kind of training is specific, you can improve the skills you practice. That’s why trainers and coaches always  recommend cross training for runners. I have seen many runners with poor body shape above the waist or they get injured again and again. So you should use additional workouts for great overall fitness, That is what cross training called. It helps you to save your time and reduces the risk of injuries associated with running. All athlete do CROSS TRAINING to improve their sports.

Here are some CROSS TRAINING workouts you should know about-


if you want to maintain fitness while injured from running, and you are looking for a good cardio replacement for running and increase your stamina, it is time to start considering aqua jogging ( pool running). Guys unfortunately the winter started so maybe this is not possible to run in a pool but still you should know what AQUA JOGGING is.

Aqua jogging known as pool running, deep water running, water jogging… Oh come on whatever it has called, that is not the discussion, so please go ahead…

Aqua jogging involves running in the deep water, it has many benefits because it mimics the actual running movement.

Your feet don’t actually touch the bottom of the pool, so it is zero impact and safe for almost any type of injury, especially if you have a high risk stress fracture, and will be out for a while. Trust me I have tried it when I was suffering from tibial and fibular features, and it has given me a wonderful recovery.

Now you are thinking that – will aqua jogging help you recover?

The answer is Yes, one of the pool running benefits are that it allows your body to focus on healing your injury while you still maintain your fitness. So if you are injured and still don’t want to lose your fitness, the ‘POOL RUNNING’ is the best cardio workout for you.


People in Bhilwara still not aware of the weight training. Many of my gym client says “I don’t want to build muscles or don’t want to look BULKY, so I don’t need to weight training. All they want is to run on the treadmill. But this is not good for you.

“Weight training can improve running economy, according to a study by Ron Johnston (M.S., a graduate student, and accomplished ultra-marathoner, at the University of New Hampshire in Durham) ”


Your body use different muscles when cycling compared to when you walk or running. Cycling will help you to improve your stamina and endurance.

Cycling will help to improve your aerobic endurance as well, though it is not as ideal for your training as cross-country skiing or deep-water running since you use different muscles when cycling compared to when you are running.

If you are using spinning bikes in gym, you are doing good.That is a good workout at the earlier stages of your marathon preparation.


Swimming is  a Non Impact Aerobics activity. It is very good for recovery from a long run. It also helps you to improve your Aerobic endurance.

Treadmill training:

As I said winter started, so running in this season can easily make you sick. It will be better to join a gym. so treadmill training can be a great alternative and good strategy.

3. Avoid Over-Training – Be Smart


If you are a fresher or it has passed a long time since you haven’t run, you should start your training easy. Don’t try to run 5 kms in first attempt. It can hurt your leg, so don’t try to be Milkha singh at first time.

So plan your program weekly,keep record of your performance, monitor regularly and increase running weekly as your body allows.

4. Stretching is Important


Don’t underestimate the stretching. It is very important before and after your runs.

Before run- It is Important to do stretching your body and activate your joints and muscles before run. Try Dynamic stretching before running session. It’s the best pre workout stretching.

After run – Both dynamic and static stretching you can do after your run. It helps you to cool down properly.

If you are beginner, it’s good to Stretch yourself before and after workout to avoid soreness.

5. Comfortable accessories


Make sure you are comfortable with your clothes you plan to wear for your training. Choose the right clothes. Do not wear cotton running cloth. Choose materials like polypropylene, which keeps your body dry while running.

I would suggest getting two good pairs of running shoes: One pair (a more stable, heavier shoe) for all your long and easy runs; another pair (a slightly lighter shoe) for your faster training runs and, later on, for your intervals or Sprints. This will also help to prevent injuries due to wearing same shoes continues.

It is very important that what you going to wear later on race day. So you should test your running shoes during few of your long runs, sprints, walks and some intense workouts. Check the shoes completely, if there are any cracks or fissures you found, it’s time to buy a new one. I don’t know what timing is decided for the final Run but it can be warm, hot, sunny, windy, or wet on Race Day, so be prepared. May be the branded sports store have knowledgeable experts to recommend the right equipment for you or you can read online more about it.

6. Sleep well


A moderately active person needs 6-8 hours of sleep, an endurance athlete needs at least 8 hours of sleep. The day you perform an intense workout, you need 9 hours of sleep.

Properly sleep will help you to strengthen your immune system, build and repair muscle, and sharpen your mental focus—all leading to stronger performance in your training.

7. Diet & nutrition Tips


It is the most important part you should care about. A healthy diet is the key of a healthy lifestyle. Make a diet plan that includes plenty of water, complex carbohydrates (in oatmeal and sweet potatoes), protein (eggs, pulses, milk, tofu, cottage cheese, chicken breast and sprouts) & good fats (fish oil, flex seeds, dry fruits and salmon).

  • Never skip your breakfast.
  • Start your day with a healthy meal includes protein, right fat, right carbohydrates and fibre.
  • Eat 5-6 meals a day.
  • Take simple carbohydrates after your workout.

If you want a perfect Diet plan according to your fitness goals & lifestyle. B2 Zone – Bhilwara provides an Online FREE Diet Counseling. Visit here – and get your diet plan within 2 days Or you can directly visit B2 Zone Health club for your Diet Plan absolutely FREE.

I wish you to have a relaxed and focused mind. I hope you can maintain your energy and perform your best. Ask your family and friends for support during the later on days.

Yes, you can do it and you will be fine! Whenever you might feel you are behind schedule, just re-group, re-schedule, and then continue training.

Then crossing the finish line at the end of your 5 kilometres will be a moment of joy you will never forget including all the FUN you had getting there.

I wish you all the best. Stay healthy and happy !



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