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#Myth 3 – Gaining Weight once you stop hitting the Gym!!!

There is a big time misconception in the minds of the people around us that once you stop hitting the gym, you will gain more of the weight!!!

Do not forget to read our previous Myth Cheating over your meals and still weigh same. How? for better understanding of your mechanism.

See, this is purely a myth..To burn calories or reduce the fat Content within us we need to workout.. Gym just gives you the place and motivation to shred those extra calories.. While gyming, you are more of the dedicated towards achieving your fitness goals and u eat right with proper guidance of your trainer, which helps you in the weight management.

It’s not about hitting the gym. it’s just a little workout that our body needs to stay fit and sassy!! So lets us not put the blame over gyms and concentrate how you can manage your weight once you achieve your fitness goal and quit the gym.

4 Reasons that you gain Weight once you stop going to gym and what can help you to keep Weight Gain at Bay!

1. You Stop Moving : Once you stop going to the gym.. You are relaxed and become physically inactive.. Instead you should become more active.. when you workout in gym.. you exercise to the core. so same level of physical activity must be maintained. You should plan your home workouts and follow them strictly..

2. Indulging in unhealthy eating habits : you don’t count your calories once your session is over.. neither you concentrate on what to eat and what not… you start eating your favourite dishes, thinking that small amount won’t make much of the difference.. Instead you should be focussed regarding your eating habits. You must increase in your protein diet.

3. Not stretching your muscles : Once you are over the gym you don’t even stretch your body.. Though you have no other option than to quit gym but you should not stop strengthening your muscles and stretching your body. You should atleast give 15-20 minutes to your body with proper stretching so that your muscles be the same as they were.. Do not forget to take proper nutrients for not losing your muscles.

4. You Stop following your diet plans : while gyming you are seriously stuck wod your diet as you see that rise every week on weighing machine for cheating your routines.. But once you stop hitting gym.. you wear a black band over your eyes.. and start having more cheat days that gradually result in increase of your weight. You should follow your diet plans and try to cut out the calories.

To know the proper mechanism of the calorie intake or fat burning do read our previous blog which will help you to understand our weight management mechanism.

Exercise is important to stay fit. There is no substitute for this.. Joining or Quitting the gym won’t affect your body negatively any day. But physical inactivity will definitely cost you more. One should stay active every time and on the routine basis.

If you also think that you have gained weight after quitting the gym. Than contact us for proper guidance and to clear your misconception. Counselling sessions are totally free for all. So stay cautious and healthy.

For more tips do not forget to follow us.

Upcoming Blog: Myth 4 –  More Crunches or abdomen exercise only will result in flat belly !!

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