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Would a tattoo give you more motivation?

We live in an age where health and fitness is everywhere and social media is filled with pictures and posts about the latest workout trend.

Even tattoos are finding their way into the lives of fitness people. With people more fitness focused are inspired by tattoos: it can be a motivating motto wretched on your chest or wrapped around your arm.

Tattoos have meanings or represent some very important moments about one’s life. The spot where the tattoo is placed also has a symbolic meaning. Not only are these tattoos have their own inspiring message and are the perfect way to express your values and stand out from the crowd. Tattoos are an awesome way to get motivated and inspired; they’re with you 24 hours-a-day and are a permanent reminder to keep going. Whether it’s a tattoo to promote a discipline and dedicated lifestyle or one to keep you motivated .Fitness tattoos remind you that when the times are tough you’ve simply got to feel the burn.

  • I got a tattoo of unalome on my hand when I went Delhi 4 months back, it really means a lot to me for a variety of reasons. Once when I went on a bike trip to Ladakh, I was touched by the Buddhism culture and inscribed UNALOME on my hand. This tattoo helps me to remain calm and gives me strength. In terms of how a Buddha tattoo is interpreted by others depends on the cultural context and an individual. Unalome symbol is a representation of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the centre of the spiral, and as you continue down this path you are wandering, becoming more conscious of your surroundings. When you reach top of the symbol (the straight line), you have reached enlightenment.
  • Next tattoo I got inscribed is Semi-colon. The semicolon represents the fact that you have complete power over yourself, and can choose to keep fighting, even if you feel like giving up at times. My tattoo has some secret behind it which can’t be revealed. It is a togetherness tattoo which I have inked as a remembrance till my last breadth. Some stories never end. It is very special to me and shares something in common. When you ask a person what a tattoo means to them, it’s difficult to say. They are something permanent; they reveal a dedication to how you feel. I favor tattoos that have unusual meanings, something personal about them.
  • My next armband tattoo is special to me. I got an intricate Celtic Knot patterned armband tattoo. Today it is considered a status symbol. Before deciding an armband tattoo design I would recommend you to think a lot. It took a lot of time to me for deciding this armband design of mine and most important is to keep patience when getting it done. This tattoo usually looks good on a muscular body and looks very impressive. Having this tattoo makes you look noticeable and different from the whole crowd and you grasp attention.

540 thoughts on “Would a tattoo give you more motivation?

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