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B2Zone’s Sunday Deal!!!

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“Everything In Rs.200/- Only”

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Common FAQs related to the Deal (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q. Is there any terms and conditions attached to the giveaway?
    Ans. NO, it’s absolutely unrestricted.
  • Q. Can I order anything available on the site ?
    Ans. NO, only those which are available ove offer page.
  • Q. How many option do I have in choice for the giveaway?
    Ans. Regarding supplements, its limited offer though wide range of other products are available.
  • Q. Can I order multiple products?
    Ans. NO. You can only order one product with one quantity. More then one will be automatically considered as cancelled.
  • Q. Is there any limit of product quantities in the Deal?
    Ans. Yes, Number of product quantities are limited according to product to product.
  • Q. Do I have to pay any hidden cost?
    Ans. There is no hidden cost as such.
  • Q. Is there any procedures to be the part of this giveaway?
    Ans. NO, simple visit the site during mentioned time period.
  • Q. Are the products genuine ?
    Ans. Yes, 100%
  • Q. Is it only for members ?
    Ans. No, free for everyone.
  • Q. Will I get the free accessories which is showing with the product image?
    Ans. No, You will get only the product which you order. And if any free accessories showing with product image will not be the part of the deal.