B2Zone New Year 2021 Limited-Time Offer

Dear member,

First you resolved to lose weight – now you can resolve to get a good deal doing in.

This new year B2ZONE giving you major discounts & a fantastic offer to make you healthier and happier. Anyone who is joined with B2Zone, can take advantage of these exclusive deals –


What – If you are registered for 3 months plan.
Deal – You can convert your 3 months membership into 1 year.
Charges – Pay 7500/- only (Saveupto 25% )
(When – now till 31st December)


What – If you are registered for1 year plan.
Deal – You can convert your 1 year membership into 3 years.
Charges – Pay 18000/- only (Saveupto 33% )
(When – now till 31st December)

So turn your New Year’s day into New You Day – and save Big one on regular membership,
aerobics, kickboxing classes, power yoga & private training sessions.
For more details, contact front desk
Or call 7665534345
E-mail[email protected]

Don’t let this Deal go away – It’s unique and special gift for your health → Be Happy !!