Below are the real feedbacks we have received from clients of our service.


Pradeep Anchaliya

Mr. Pradeep Anchaliya

Age: 20 yrs

Goal: Weight Gain

Achievement: +10kgs in 50 Days

B2 Zone Health Club has a cluster of trained professional in each respected field. Am happy for being a member of “B2 Zone Gym”

Abhishek Gagrani

Mr. Abhishek Gagrani

Age: 32 yrs

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -11kgs in 3 months

I would like to give a special word of thanks to my nutritionist Mr. Prem Tiwari and all the professional trainers of team B2 Zone who took great interest in helping me get back into a good shape. Thank You!/p>

Tarun Hinduja

Mr. Tarun Hinduja

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -13kgs in 2.5 months

Hi,I am Tarun. I am happy to join B2 Zone because I lost 13kgs and now finally got a good shape after taking a diet chart!! Thank you Prem Sir for the diet!! Thank you B2 Zone!!…

Prabha Anchaliya

Mrs. Prabha Anchaliya – House Wife

Age: 34 yr

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: 10kgs+ in 80 Days

Hi, I am Prabha Anchaliya and I would like to share my experience at B2 Zone with u all.
I had taken fat loss with nutrition package and I lost 10kgs+ within 80 Days.
I would like to thank the Yoga teacher Lalit sir and the trainer Pallav sir for all their patience and guidance.
Without them it was not possible.
Also special words of thanks to my nutritionist Mr. Prem Tiwari for their guidance.
Keep the good work going. Always with u…

Gaurav Jangid

Mr. Gaurav Jangid

Age: 22 yrs

Goal: Get Lean Muscle

Achievement: 5 Pounds Lean Muscle Mass in 4 months

B2 Zone Fitness Club has helped me to become “HEALTHY AND FIT”!!!. Before joining the gym, i was quite obese and overweight. But, within 4 months of joining the gym, i have lost my fat and got the lean muscle which i always wanted, most of which credit goes to the nutritionist and the owner Mr. Prem Tiwari, the Floor trainers, Mr. Pallav. Cheers to B2Zone!!!

Dr Amit Airun

Dr. Amit Airun

Age: 32 yrs

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -11kgs in 50 months

Thanks to B2 Zone for their proper guidance and helps me to get a batter shape!!

Abhijeet kabra

Mr. Abhijeet Kabra

Goal: Muscle gain

Achievement: 7kgs+ in 45 Days

Being a member of B2 Zone, has been a very good experience for me.
The entire staff is very helpful. Trainers, too are co-operative.
I have currently joined their “Muscle Gain Package“, where the Nutritionist, Mr. Prem Tiwari, is working hard to set my diet pattern.
Thank you Pallav sir and Raies Sir for your better guidance.
I have been following it properly and have got very good results too!!
I am very happy with their services. Thank you very much.

Mudit bhatnagar

Mr. Mudit Bhatnagar

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -11kgs in 45 Days

I would like to take this opportunity to thank B2 Zone Health Club in helping to me achieve
my fitness goals through a blend of workouts and diet patterns. Special thanks to Manish sir and Rahul sir for giving helping me
understand the fundamental tips of diets. Now I look fit and healthy.
I am happy to being a member of “B2 Zone Fitness Club”… Thanks..

Haritima sen

Mrs. Haritima Sen

Age: 26 yrs

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -5kgs in 2 months

I am very happy with my results and still working for same, I lost 5 kg and total 9 inches from all my body in 8 weeks. Thank you B2 Zone!!

Jay chanwla

Mr. Jay Chawla

Age: 16 yrs

Goal: Weight Gain & Increase Height

Achievement: +5kgs weight gained and 2 inch height increase in 2 months

I am very happy in B2 Zone Gym because, I have increased my height by 2 inches. I geined +5kgs weight and now finally got a good shape after taking a diet chart!! Thank you B2 Zone!!

Pradeep adwani

Mr. Pradeep Adwani

Age: 19 yrs

Goal: Weight Loss

Achievement: -8kgs in 25 Days

It is a good experience to joining the B2 Zone Health Club. All the instructors are very friendly and co-operative and they always helped me to loss my weight.

Himanshu sharma

Mr. Himanshu Sharma

Goal: Muscle Gain & Increase in Weight

Achievement: +14kgs in 80 Days

I did gym for almost 3 years but did not get much results, and then B2 Zone came in.
My pattern of exercise is changed regularly. My diet plan, suggested by Pallav Sir, worked for me. Now , I eat healthy food and feeling fit.
I got almost 14kgs+ to all over the body. Now, I look leaner and more fit. I am happy that now I am living healthy life.