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Navaratri Diet Plan | Tips to eat healthy and lose weight in navratri fasting

Navratri, one of the most important Hindu Festival is back again! So are you looking for weight loss tips this Navaratri? We have prepared this Indian Navratri diet plan 2019, to help your body get a much required detox while being a part of the religious festivities. This vrat diet plan is very healthy and can help you lose weight while fasting.

Here is the diet plan, you can download and save it into your device –

Navratri Diet Plan »

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What are fat burners? Are they safe?

In our previous blogs,  we have gained much knowledge regarding proteins, the best one for you. Why Indian proteins are better for you!

Moving back again, we also have enlighten you with pros and cons of steroid.

To clarify your misconceptions, we had a comparative study blog of proteins and Mass Gainer. So that you can choose wisely. What is best for you!

Among all these, what is left behind is Fat Burner.

So with this upcoming blog, we will put some light over The fat Burners. How they work?

The detailed note about Fat Burners

Fat Burner: Fat Burner helps you to burn the stored fat by using the reserved fat as a source of energy.

How it works?

Fat burners increase your metabolism and reduces your appetite. This ultimately takes your body in Calorie Deficit Mode. And then the stored fat is used as energy, as we have discussed in previous blog:

Are they safe ?  

Fat Burners nowhere means a substitute of your workout. They are safe if taken with healthy diet and proper exercise regime or as directed to you by the trainers. They are not meant to be used forever.To an extent, they do what they say and some claims that these supplement can be used in a small quantities. But, side effects are expected everytime.. some of them are like

  1. Allergies
  2. HeartRisk
  3. Insomnia
  4. Anxiety etc.,


Natural Fat Burners.

Some of the common natural fat burner which we can use in our daily lives:

1. Green Tea: It is an excellent sour of antioxidants and has been known from long for its fat burning qualities. It works much better when followed with exercise.

2. Caffeine: It may be helpful in increasing your metabolism and as a fat burner too. But when taken for a longer duration, people become tolerant to it and it stops working. But still it is helpful in reducing your appetite. It may not suit to everyone sone may complain about acnes , insomnia .. but it is also a good fat burner.

3. Green Coffee extract :Green coffee extract, is extracted from unroasted green coffee beans. It contains its main active ingredients i.e. chlorogenic acid in major amount which is the main reason  for the weight loss effects. Chlorogenic acid may be able to promote fat loss by increasing fatty-acid transport and oxidation and reduce the creation of new fat cells through its antioxidant effects.

4. L. carnitine: It is a resourceful supplement that can be beneficial for your health, including more fat loss and muscle gain, better post-workout recovery.
It is a naturally occurring amino acid found mostly in meat and dairy products. Carnitine deficiency could make it harder to lose fat, most people aren’t deficient, and studies show that boosting carnitine levels beyond normal doesn’t increase fat burning.

Moreover, you can also have fat burner supplements as provided by Muscletech Hydroxycut, Labrada charge, Absolute nutrition shredder and other authentic brands. But it must be kept in mind that fat burners must be followed by healthy diet and exercise regime.Else serious complication can be seen in a long run.

Stay tuned with us for knowing all about nutrients, supplements and do not forget to comment and raise queries.. And be cautious  while choosing the right nutrients for you !!! Stay Healthy! Stay happy!!

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Top Indian whey protein with good quality and affordability.

In our recent blog we have told you the basic major difference between mass gainer and whey protein.

And which one is supposed to be the best in the long run.

Next question which comes to your mind is regarding the genuinity of the product. Nowadays, You just cannot blindly trust over any product. In the world of duplicacy, one should be very careful while choosing the product for the health. And the same cannot be build over imported products, there are lots of drawbacks in importing a health product. This is the basic reason why people chooses Indian Supplements over the Imported ones.

Indian Supplements are the most affordable and reliable products. There are less chance of duplicacy and mixing in the Indian products, this norm has been noticed from the reviews of various Indian brands. Moreover, Indian brands provide you variety of after services like customer helpline number which gives customer a feeling of satisfaction. In addition to this, Indian brands employ direct agents to promote and sell their products, no inte

Now we are up here to suggest you the top (as per my opinion ) Indian Whey proteins giving you the desired results.

1. Six Pack Nutrition :




It is a highest quality whey protein , which is concentrate in nature and fast absorbing whey protein Isolate. It provides highest protein content and with minimum fat and carbohydrates. It is available in four great flavors.


2. Absolute Nutrition :

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Absolute nutrition follow holistic approach, its whey protein is enriched with high quality raw whey protein. It is an international make which makes us a premium brand.

3. Big Muscle Nutrition : 

It is a complete protein comprises of all essential nutrition and amino acids. It is really helpful for vegetarians as there protein intake is comparatively low.

4. British Nutrition :

It is a proprietary blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. It helps building lean and strong muscles. It is good in taste and its a value for money based product.

5. Venky’s :

It is the best way to power your muscles gain. It is a rich source of BCAA and Glutamine acid improves muscles and decrease recovery time. It aids in maximum utilisation and absorption and most importantly it is completely for vegetarians.

This was our suggested best brands to you .. We would love to hear from your side,your choice of protein. Do not forget to share your experience with these products and mention your best choice.

Stay Tuned! Stay Healthy and Aware !!!

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Which One is Good for Weight Gaining – Mass Gainer or Whey Protein?

Many a times, when we are  struggling to gain weight ample numbers of question comes to our mind like –

  • How to gain a quality weight?
  • What is best for me either protein or mass Gainer?
  • Which will prove helpful in the long run?
  • Which will help in lean muscles-protein or Mass Gainer?
  • What is the basic difference between them?
  • Which will help in gaining weight more quickly? Etc.. Etc..

To solve all your dilemmas regarding Protein intake or the Mass Gainer. This is the right place you have entered, to sum up this blog – it will help you to know the working of protein or Mass Gainer appropriately.

Mass Gainer and Protein powders are the basic supplements for bodybuilders. Both cannot be treated as meal replacement. Both are used for muscle growth and muscle recovery. Mass Gainers is a high calorie supplement that provides proteins, amino acids, creatine, taurine, carbs and various other nutrients which help us to gain weight. Most popular Weight gainers are-On Serious mass, Muscletech Mass tech, BSN True Mass, Absolute Mass gainer. There are more available in the market

Protein powder are dietary supplements that contains a high percentage of proteins. Protein supplement are basically available in many forms like: Whey Protein, Soy Protein and Casein Protein. Whey is the most commonly used protein as it is water soluble milk protein. It basically helps in the recovery of the muscles. Few popular Whey Protein brands are ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, Muscletech Nitrotec, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, Absolute Nutrition Whey Protein, Isopure.

Mass Gainer vs. Protein
Mass Gainers are good to take when you have only one purpose i.e weight gain in a short time span. Mass gainer provides you all the essential nutrients and carbs and fats in a good proportion when you have risk to skip your meals.

Mass gainers contain approx 60-70% of carbs and 30-40% of protein. Mass gainers contain more calorie than regular whey protein. Whereas whey protein contains fewer carbs and fats and large amount of protein necessary for our body. Protein Supplement is approx 5-7% of carbs and around 90% of protein. If your goal is to build muscles and increase strength whey protein is suggested over mass gainer. Probably it is wrong to say that whey protein should be consumed only when one wants to build big muscles. Whey protein isn’t just helpful for muscle growth, but it is helpful for multiple purpose like to keep a check on blood pressure, prevent cancer and support a healthy heart.

Mostly trainers recommend Mass gainer to Gain Muscle mass but I always prefer to go with the Whey Protein. If you are not  able to take your meals properly than you should take Mass gainer as it contains high calorie including carbs..

Here, I would like to share the experience of one my client Gaurav who gained muscles through whey Protein intake.

Gaurav started from 58kgs ( Height 5’8”)  and gained 12 kgs which is purely a quality gain with lean muscle building.

Within six months Gaurav gained 6 kgs, his initial diet included 5-6 meals a day in every 2-3 hours and ½ scoop of whey protein 2 times a day for 4 weeks.

Gaurav Transformation

Then for 3 months 1 scoop of whey protein twice a day with 1 scoop of casein every night. (Casein can be replaced with milk and paneer) and for maintaining his amazing transformation now he added multivitamin plus Omega and protein.

His total transformation is based on protein intake which is purely a quality gain.

In order to conclude, it is suggested that if you have time you should go for whey protein than building muscles through mass gainer. Since you are not a professional bodybuilder protein will help your body to survive in a long run.

To know more from us, share your query with us.

If this reading helped you do not forget to like and share.

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What is the Ketogenic Diet? The Ultimate KETO Guide for Weight Loss. Get know how keto diet works? Download Complete Ketogenic Diet Food List PDF for Beginners.

Guys!! This time, We have something different to tell you about. You may have heard about KETO formula to have your dream transformation. The way we are different here is, whenever you search for KETO, you get ideas which are hard to follow or are very tough to understand. To have a better knowledge how exactly this formula works, do visit our Vlog a complete KETO guideline.

First of all what is KETO and how it works?

KETO is basically a low carb and high fat diet. When we eat food which is high in carbs, our body will produce Glycogen. Glycogen is the easiest molecule for the body to convert and use as energy so that it will be chosen over any other energy source.

Therefore our fat remains unused and get deposited in various other parts. As discussed in our previous blog of fat burning mechanism. When we follow KETO formula, our body works on a natural process known as Ketosis in which help us survive when food intake is low. During this state, we produce ketones, which are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver.To know the proper diet, which supplements to take (the one I prefer) follow this.

As every coin has two sides, this Keto also have its pros and cons. But still have better and desirable results. To know my personal experience visit Youtube Video.

You may face hurdles in preparing and carrying your meals. It may be tough for those who have long working hours. You may feel low and suffer from headache. But at the end, but don’t forget that you cannot cheat in keto, so make these sacrifices and you will have awesome and your dream transformation.

So guys, Don’t wait just visit our VLog and follow our diet plan which is absolutely free to download and Get Set Go.

We are always up to help you during your transformation, just one mail away.Share your other ideas with us and comment your doubts to us. We are waiting!


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#Myth 3 – Gaining Weight once you stop hitting the Gym!!!

There is a big time misconception in the minds of the people around us that once you stop hitting the gym, you will gain more of the weight!!!

Do not forget to read our previous Myth Cheating over your meals and still weigh same. How? for better understanding of your mechanism.

See, this is purely a myth..To burn calories or reduce the fat Content within us we need to workout.. Gym just gives you the place and motivation to shred those extra calories.. While gyming, you are more of the dedicated towards achieving your fitness goals and u eat right with proper guidance of your trainer, which helps you in the weight management.

It’s not about hitting the gym. it’s just a little workout that our body needs to stay fit and sassy!! So lets us not put the blame over gyms and concentrate how you can manage your weight once you achieve your fitness goal and quit the gym.

4 Reasons that you gain Weight once you stop going to gym and what can help you to keep Weight Gain at Bay!

1. You Stop Moving : Once you stop going to the gym.. You are relaxed and become physically inactive.. Instead you should become more active.. when you workout in gym.. you exercise to the core. so same level of physical activity must be maintained. You should plan your home workouts and follow them strictly..

2. Indulging in unhealthy eating habits : you don’t count your calories once your session is over.. neither you concentrate on what to eat and what not… you start eating your favourite dishes, thinking that small amount won’t make much of the difference.. Instead you should be focussed regarding your eating habits. You must increase in your protein diet.

3. Not stretching your muscles : Once you are over the gym you don’t even stretch your body.. Though you have no other option than to quit gym but you should not stop strengthening your muscles and stretching your body. You should atleast give 15-20 minutes to your body with proper stretching so that your muscles be the same as they were.. Do not forget to take proper nutrients for not losing your muscles.

4. You Stop following your diet plans : while gyming you are seriously stuck wod your diet as you see that rise every week on weighing machine for cheating your routines.. But once you stop hitting gym.. you wear a black band over your eyes.. and start having more cheat days that gradually result in increase of your weight. You should follow your diet plans and try to cut out the calories.

To know the proper mechanism of the calorie intake or fat burning do read our previous blog which will help you to understand our weight management mechanism.

Exercise is important to stay fit. There is no substitute for this.. Joining or Quitting the gym won’t affect your body negatively any day. But physical inactivity will definitely cost you more. One should stay active every time and on the routine basis.

If you also think that you have gained weight after quitting the gym. Than contact us for proper guidance and to clear your misconception. Counselling sessions are totally free for all. So stay cautious and healthy.

For more tips do not forget to follow us.

Upcoming Blog: Myth 4 –  More Crunches or abdomen exercise only will result in flat belly !!

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#Myth 2 – Cheating over your meals and still weigh same. How? Channelisation of fat into our body. How our body burns fat convert it into energy !!!

The Fat burning Mechanism!!

It is usual to have a day for cheating over meal. it is absolutely fine if this happens once a week, but it should not go beyond this. One should also look after his/her strategies for cheat meal. Eating like a garbage for damn 24 hours once a week doesn’t offset to revive in your diet and workout schedule, it is nothing more than provoking your muscle growth and fat loss.

According to the BuiltLean contributors and nutritional scientist Eva Lana, “A cheat meal is high calories and all macronutrients – proteins, carbs, and fat – and is not something that  would normally be part of a proper diet.” It shouldn’t be like going out and having Stuffed crust pizza, double digit scoop sundae etc .

It is indeed a myth that after having a cheat day, the next day when you weigh, it is same  like the previous day. which finally motivates you to increase your cheat meals.and you end up forgetting your proper diet plan. which can be an obstacle in losing weight in a long run.

For understanding this concept. lets go scientifically.

When you consume more calories than your body needs, both carbs and fats end up stored in muscles and in other areas throughout your body. Carbs turned into glycogen, then stored into muscles . Glycogen is as similar to our body as gasoline to car. Our body needs energy  for various metabolic activity, which is stored in the form of Glycogen or fat. our Body uses glycogen for energy prior to the Fat and Fat remains stored in our muscles. So it is necessary to diminish the glycogen storage as then our body would have no other option rather than using fats for energy.

Cheat Meals our not about having sugar or any other “unclean” food. Cheat Meal is just having eating more calories than what you have planned for the day. And if you didn’t gain the weight after the cheat meal. doesn’t mean you have not stored the fat. Your fat will definitely show up in the long run, as it is stored in muscles.

After cheat days. may your weight remains same. but for that very week you won’t be able to go down with your weight. and will have to spend a week or so to decrease those pointers.  This is probably because whatever you eat will be stored in muscles as a fat or glycogen and u will have to work hard to burns those extra calories.

You people might wondering what happens to us when we end up increasing weight after a cheat meal??? Or how long we can sustain ignoring those tempt of eating delicious food. Or You can ask for proper cheat meal diet plan from us.  we are available for all your queries 24*7

Next Myth: Gaining weight as soon as you stop hitting Gym

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All About Gyming: Common Fitness Myths And Facts!! No one should hit the gym at the youngest age!!

The gym is somewhere you can go to just forget for an hour what you do for a living, what you are doing on a daily basis.You just turn up and get on with it. Gym is not only for fat or either too skinny, It’s a place where any person can go regardless of age, orientation etc. This reading is concern regarding the myths that are paraphrased many a times but are just not true regarding gym.

We will be working over the series of these myths.

First for this series is: AGE and HEIGHT
Many a times, People are concerned for the correct age to join the gym.


No one should hit the gym at the youngest age !!
Gym is not meant for kids!!! Etc. etc.

Continue reading All About Gyming: Common Fitness Myths And Facts!! No one should hit the gym at the youngest age!!

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Tarun Gill’s FLI – Real or Fake Fitness League of India by Tarun Gill, Rannvijay and Sahil Khan

Fitness league of India is going to be India’s first fitness reality show as claimed by Tarun Gill. This show is hosted by Tarun Gill and Rannvijay. Sahil khan, also being a part of it. “Fitness League of India is going to be a one of a kind show where the winner will not only engage in fitness competitions but he would also get an entry into Bollywood. Apart from this, the winner would get the prize money of over ₹3 crores and a Harley Davidson bike.” As said during the promotion of this show.

Recently, many controversial videos are uploading regarding the show whether this show is Real or Fake !!!

Major reasons creating negative vibe regarding the reliability of this show is that all the links so provided before are either deleted or are under maintenance –

Continue reading Tarun Gill’s FLI – Real or Fake Fitness League of India by Tarun Gill, Rannvijay and Sahil Khan

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Ranveer Singh’s shocking transformation from ‘Padmaavat’ to ‘Gully Boy’

For entertaining us with grave expression, pensive looks in padmavat now Ranveer Singh is all set to give us a major transformation goals for his next upcoming film Gully Boy. You’ll see Ranveer in definitely opposite avatar in Gully boy from that of Padmavat. For Padmavat, Ranveer had already put forth all his effort for essaying the role of villainous warrior. He went to intense training for the warrior look involved strength training and conditioning workouts like high intensity interval training (HIIT) with push-ups, burpees, power moves like deadlifts, squats. These were focused on improving Singh’s overall flexibility too.

Now, for his upcoming movie Gully boy with the co star Alia bhatt, directed by Zoya Akhtar, based on the real story of rappers Divine and Naezy. For this he  needed a physique that was lean and yet had ripped muscles. The muscles needed to be prominent without adding bulk to the body. Ranveer Singh had immensely worked hard for 6 weeks to have this well chiseled body despite of his busy schedule. His trainer lloyd Stevens, a UK based fitness trainer, is extremely proud for his dedication which involved late night workouts too.

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